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Nieuwe supersnelle en betaalbare QVF730x series.

QNO, a leader in Asia, is now available on the European market. The new 730x series shows QVF QNO all competition far behind. Both in price as pure performance.
The high data rate (up to 2Gbps ) and the huge amount of simultaneous sessions QNO routers can handle the performance on average 3-4 times higher than competition.

Read a test of QVF7305 on the site of Hardwareluxx (german).

KPN increases speed up to 500 Mbit

KPN is going to give the speed of its fastest fiber-a five-fold increase in subscription by the end of this year. The company informs that in quarter-and half-yearly figures. The top speed of glass fiber is now 100 Mbit per second, from the end of 2011 that will be 500 Mbit.

The hefty increase the top speed is in the English press release (PDF) about the quarterly figures that the provider presented Tuesday morning. The increase in speed suggests that KPN sees more bread in the market for fiber. Some time ago, the provider says to see more in a large-scale rollout of VDSL2.

The number of customers with glass fiber at KPN experienced a strong increase. Where this time last year about 26,000 customers had a fibre optic connection, now already 61,000 customers have fiber-to-the-home. That number will increase, because there is some time between order and activation of the internet connection, says KPN.


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