QVF7303 Gigabit VPN Router

€ 280,-
  • 3-4xGigabit WAN + 1-2xGigabit Switch LAN/DMZ
  • MIPS64 single core processor, 256MB SDRAM
  • NAT Speed: 30,000 sessions, 2 Gbps Throughput
  • VPN Tunnels max. 100, total speed 3DES/76 Mbps
  • Capacity: Around 200 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS & Smart QoS, Firewall & DoS/ARP prevention, Access Control, Block P2P Application, QnoDDNS, Log, Mirror Port, VLAN
The QVF7303 is a router designed for the demanding home users and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The fast MIPS64 network processor provides top performance; management is straightforward and understandable for everyone. Bandwidth aggregation by linking additional internet connection is cost effective and provides continuity. The multi-WAN design ensures a perfect distribution of the network load. Each line is measured simultaneously using the Internet, which ensures optimum use of available bandwidth. In heavily loaded Internet use provides hardware support NAT for a quick responseEven with a load equivalent to 100 PCs simultaneously use the Internet, the router to perform well. This router is high quality and integrated with a powerful and fast firewall. All VPN protocols like IPSec, PPTP, QNO SmartLink for the flexible creation of VPN tunnels are present. By 'easy-to-use GUI-based configuration settings, network management is easy without a very deep technical knowledge.

High speed and high efficiency

  • Advanced MIPS64 Single-Core network processor to 2Gbps bi-directional data can handle
  • 30,000 NAT sessions, making the router an equivalent of about 100-150 a PC simultaneously without any interruption
  • 3~4 Gigabit WAN ports and 2 Gigabit LAN ports (1 port as WAN / LAN / Mirror configuration). 1 USB port for connection to a 3G or UMTS
  • QNO exclusive Green Tunnel technology to accelerate Internet traffic

Multi-WAN ports with load balancing

  • Distributes bandwidth on 2, 3 or 4 Gigabit WAN ports and is prepared for future expansion of bandwidth
  • Support all major ISPs:
    • Fiberglass: OnsBrabantNet, KPN, Tweak, TriNed, Zeelandnet
    • ADSL / SDSL / VDSL: Bbned, KPN, XS4ALL
    • Cable: UPC, Ziggo, Zeelandnet
  • All known protocols: DHCP, PPPoE, fixed IP (s), VLAN WAN port
  • WAN VLAN: supports KPN, Tweak, Trined VLAN Ids for triple-play
  • Load Balance Modes: Choose from Auto, or unbinding Routing Strategy. Optimize bandwidth utilization and IP-based session. Special Routing Strategy is to cross network bottleneck to avoid problems with multiple ISPs
  • Failover, online backup, the router will automatically switch all sessions to another internet line so internet services are always available


  • 200 IPSec VPN connections; IPSec/3DES's operational efficiency overreaching 150Mbps
  • Supports all IPSec protocol with DES / 3DES / AES encryption, MD5 / SHA1 Phase 1 and Phase 2 identification and automatic or manual IKE Pre-Share Key Exchange
  • Gateway to Gateway or Client to Gateway
  • Compatible with other VPN routers supported including Draytek, Linksys, Zyxel, Cisco, Juniper
  • VPN Heartbeat: provide a stable VPN connection and is compatible with VPN tunnels with other brands VPN routers
  • QNO Smart VPN / VPN QVM
  • SmartLink VPN: Easy and fast VPN configuration using IP, username and password
  • SmartLink VPN Server: Service for accepting Smartlink Clients
  • Central Management: well-organized configuration and status of all VPN connections for example at headquarters
  • VPN Hub: easy to set up a VPN network between all offices, for example VoIP. This saves setting up a VPN between all branches
  • VPN backup: if there are multiple ISPs are connected to the VPN tunnels automatically switch from ISP after failure of an Internet connection


  • 40 PPTP VPN connections simultaneously
  • PPTP Status: clear overview of the status of each PPTP VPN connection
  • OS independent: RAS support for Windows, Linux and Apple OSX PPTP connections

QoS Bandwidth Management

  • Smart QoS: Dynamic bandwidth management allows you keep control over the band width even at pressures P2P or video streams. Avoid stagnation of important traffic
  • Time Slot: bandwidth allocation according adjustable times during office hours so that such important information always takes precedence
  • Priorities: Set clear priorities on the basis of individuals, groups or applications
  • Exclusive Qno L7 Web QoS: Manage bandwidth based on several web applications to avoid stagnation in key web services

Advanced Firewall

  • Fast firewall: can take up to 2Gbps with the SPI firewall enabled
  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI): detects data which fail to meet standard protocols For example, stopping Blaster Worm, Trojan and DoS Attack
  • Easily manage access rules: powerful firewall access rules based on IP groups and / or port groups
  • ARP Auto bi-binding: integrated and easy to adjust to prevent ARP attacks Online Behavior Management
  • Prevent unwanted and burdensome Internet behavior
  • QQ, MSN, P2P: Simple "One-Click" restriction of MSN, QQ and P2P applications
  • File blocking: blocking files such as EXE, Flash, Jpeg, Mp3, Pdf, Png, Rar, Zip for preventing bandwidth abuse
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS): Dynamic DNS services like DynDNS and QnoDDNS

3G USB Internet Backup

  • UMTS: 3G UMTS Integrated USB port for dongle
  • Support KPN, Vodafone

Convenient system

  • Mirror Port: Connect the mirror port to QnoSniff or any other information filtering system for on-line usage monitoring
  • Extended log: a clear understanding of the status of the router and the (inter) net traffic
  • Remote management: secure remote management with web based configuration
  • E-mail alert: To alert administrators to problems so quick action can be taken
  • Web UI: Web based UI easy and clear. Administrators can quickly and easily configure the router

Superior Hardware Design

  • Silent Fanless design: for a silent, maintenance free and energy-efficient operation
  • 9 professional case with internal power supply 110 ~ 240V


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